Unity, Equality, & Teamwork

Tug of War



Today our children are in a tug of war between the world's standards and who they were destined to be.  This struggle has the potential to lead disadvantaged children to gangs and other acts of delinquency which may be injurious to their future. We provide support group services for organizations that work with the disadvantaged population. Let us know if we can collaborate in helping our children be successful on purpose.   



The Amazing Maize Maze, Country Time Carriages, Aw Shucks Corn Maze, Ganyard Hill Farm.

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Community Improvement & Beautification Program

This program aims to promote citizenship and improvements to the neighborhoods our participants live in. Task groups will be formulated to address the specific needs of each community we serve. Implementation of community watch programs, park development, adopt a street and adopt a highway programs, etc. will be coordinated to arouse the pride in a safer and beautified community. Contact us and let us know how we can help improve the quality of life in your neighborhood.



Horticulture Program

The Horticulture Program is designed to teach participants about gardening and stimulate an interest in where their food comes from, how and when it grows.  Field trips will be sponsored to visit and tour local farms as an opportunity to gain an experential awareness of the farming industry and how produce makes it to their local grocery store. 




Cultural Enrichment

The Cultural Arts Program aims to expose our participants to enriching experiences afforded by local organizations.  We are also proud supporters and participants of cultural exchanges with students from other parts of the world.  


Chess Club

Chess, Puzzles and Logic problems can stimulate strategic thinking. We aim to educate and encourage our participants to engage in activities that improve critical thinking.



 Cons CheChess

The Amazing Maize Maze, Country Time Carriages, Aw Shucks Corn Maze, Ganyard Hill Farm.