"My children have had a wonderful experience with the chess club. They enjoy coming to the classes and I know that the concepts they learn in class will definitely benefit them in many aspects of life. They're  even taught me to play (something which has been  on my to do list for quite sometime.) One of the major benefits of the  program is the fact that their teacher is an African-American man. This only enhances the efforts of my husband and myself to consistently provide positive African American role models in their everyday lives. Thank you for all that you do, Kareem!"  
"Thank you for taking time out of your day to teach us about chess. I have played the game before but there were a lot of things I still did not know.  You taught me things and helped me beat other kids in style. I thank you for this and hope you are lucky in your upcoming life."
"I really appreciate Kareem and friends as well as the ASOP organization’s dedication to teaching our children chess. It is evident that Kareem has a deep passion for the game and his passion is contagious.  It is so great that a program such as this is alive and flourishing for young people, especially with young black males who can exercise their creativity, strategic thinking and social skills. Having a safe place to spend time with like-minded peers doing something that is fun and will enrich every aspect of their lives is invaluable. Thank you for being a part of our community."
"I am getting better at chess and without you I would not know how to play. Thank you for bringing snacks every week"
"It is a really fun class for me to take. By taking chess I learned a lot. It made me a faster and smarter person.  I have never really played chess before, but now I do. I really enjoy the game. Thank you."
"The ASOP chess club helped me because it taught me strategies to improve my game."
"It helped me learn more about chess and how to play"
"I learned how to play better"
"I've learned alot of different strategies."
Willie V
"This has been a wonderful experience for my son. I wish much continued success and that more kids/parents would get involved."
"It made them stop watching T.V. so much."
"I felt [The ASOP Chess Club] was beneficial and educational. My children learn not only how to play the game recreationally but also was able compete in their first chess tournament.  This included learning how to utilize the clock and keep a record of their game."
"The program has helped my child to focus better. Definetly had a positive impact!"
Willie IV 
"This chess club opened my sons mind to try something new and helped him to work hard at achieving a goal."
Annonymous Parent
"Critical thinking has improved and he looks forward to being around engaging Black men"
Annonymous Parent
"My son looked forward to coming every Sunday and was sure to remind me about coming. Even during times when I could not bring him, he insisted on me finding him a way there. He even practiced at home."
Annonymous Parent