We are more alike than we are different.  In fact the only thing that separates all of us are the experiences that influence how we view the world. Many of our participants never receive the exposure to other parts of the world. A.S.O.P provides students with the opportunity to exchange letters and cards to students in other countries.  This creates a multi-cultural experience that allows students to learn about customs and perspectives from across the globe.

On February 4th -10th, Rotarians and supporters of A.S.O.P will be traveling to Havana, Santa Clara, Lawton, Cruces and Cienfuegos to deliver letters and cards of encouragement.  In addition, this collaboration is raising funds to provide much needed supplies for students and families living in these under-served areas abroad.
A.S.O.P is a 501c3 with an active Charitable Solicitation License. Any one wishing to donate specifically to this endeavor please CLICK HERE.


If you wish to send a letter or become a pen-pal send your interest to moreonmentoring@gmail.com.

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