After School Literacy Program

Underserved communities experience numerous challenges that create barriers to learning. The literacy level for most children living in underserved communities is disturbingly below standard. If this trend continues, they will become adults who create profit for the privatized prison industry. Achieving Success On Purpose, Inc. (ASOP) aims to work with students ages 8-14 in the underserved communities of Charlotte, NC.


The budget for the after school program will cover academic materials, compensate credentialed staff, accommodate student meals, transportation, extra curricular activities and cost of space. We are striving to run the program from January 15,2019-June 6,2019 


A.S.O.P is a 501c3 with an active Charitable Solicitation License. We will raise funds through corporate sponsorships, fundraisers and charitable donations. We have the ability to work together as a community to answer the cries of the village.  Nothing is impossible. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $5000.

Every little bit helps!

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